Craggies Reunion

Many of our beloved brothers and sisters have passed on. Remember to keep them and their surviving family members in your thoughts and prayers.

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Last Name First Name
Amatingelo Toni
Aplin John
Back Richard
Baker Charlie
Baughman Dick
Bertwell Bob
Bees Jack
Bick Virginia
Borash Andy
Boros Gene
Boylan Dick
Bush Dale
Cartier Jean
Casey Jim
Cassidy Tom
Cannon Glen
Chenoweth Bob
Chisler Clifton
Cohen Spence
Cooke Anson
Davidson Russell
Davis Inge
Dunster Ken
Durden John
Durfee John
Fair Margo
Ferrari Vince
Foster Robert
Gallagher John
Gallagher Nancy
Gandee Ed
Harrison Stan
Heywood Don
Hibbs David
Hubbs Bill
Johnson Herb
Ketcham Andy
Kilbey Bill
Kreps Frank
Kirk Bob
Lefebvre Jean
Lewis Jerry
Marshall Ernie
McKeithen Emory
Merryman George
Miller C. Donald
Miner Roy
Mollohan Bill
Nichols Ruth Ann
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